Halloween costume predictions feature this summer’s trending films

Halloween is approaching and costume hunting has begun. As a college student, my costume ideas have been in the works since last November, but have changed with the emergence of new trends.  

I will not be sharing my costumes for this year because I feel very attached to them, but here are some costumes I think we’ll be seeing a lot of this October.

Variations of Barbie

The “Barbie” movie was a smash hit in theaters all over the world, breaking records and proving itself to be iconic. I will not be surprised if I open Instagram to see people in a rollerblading Barbie outfit, and those in relationships complete with a rollerblading Ken at their side. I am also expecting to see the pink cowboy two-piece, the disco jumpsuit and the opening checkered dress. The movie had phenomenal costume design, so why wouldn’t people choose to recreate them? 


For the people who prefer to dress more humorously, Vector from “Despicable Me” has been rising in popularity for the past two years. With his classic orange sweat suit and square glasses, it is an easy yet fun costume that gets a lot of laughs. I predict a lot of people will hop on this trend. 

Taylor Swift

Although I am not the biggest fan of hers, I can recognize when someone is extremely popular and making an impact on others. Swift’s new movie has already broken records for a concert film and she will be on tour throughout the following months, so I feel like we will see plenty of fans dressing up as their favorite star. There are without a doubt a lot of looks to choose from, given her many albums and appearances.

Variations of Oppenheimer

Just like “Barbie,” “Oppenheimer” took the world by storm with its excellent cast, cinematography and plot. Dressing up as the father of the atomic bomb may be odd to some, but is honestly pretty cool, especially since it is such a large part of pop culture right now. That is why I would not be shocked to see him this year. Duos could even take this to the next level, dressing as Oppenheimer and Einstein, or couples could do Barbie and Oppenheimer to recreate the concept of Barbenheimer. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to do that with my boyfriend, but did not want to dress too basic since I anticipate it’s going to be popular. 


Another pop culture icon I am anticipating seeing this year is Wednesday Addams. The comedy horror show came out just after last year’s Halloween, which leads me to think it will be common this year. Wednesday can be a solo or duo costume too, making it even more expected in my opinion. 

Princess Peach / Mario Characters

The Mario movie was also a hit this year, and I can certainly see people from toddlers to teenagers using it for inspiration. Princess Peach, Bowser, Mario and of course Luigi are fun costumes that can be transformed in whatever way to fit your personal Halloween style, which is why I see this being super popular.

Of course we will still see classics like cupid, angels and devils, Jennifer Check, Patrick Bateman and famous athletes, but I will not be shocked when I head out and see tons of Barbies and Oppenheimers this year. Happy haunting!



Featured photo courtesy of @SpiritHalloween, X