New Breanne Randall novel is a spellbinding fall read

Fans of “Gilmore Girls,” “Practical Magic” or anything witchy will absolutely fall in love with “The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic” by Breanne Randall. As bookworms embrace autumn, cozy books with a touch of whimsy are on the rise. If you are looking for a comforting and warm read this season, then this is the book for you.

As an avid reader and lover of all things fall, this book has been on my list since its announcement to be released last year. Its unique plotline with relatable and likable characters makes the story sweet and irresistible. Plus, Randall’s writing flows like caramel. This book has readers coming back for more. 

I fell into this story and had no desire to claw my way back out.

This tale is written with third-person narration and follows the main character Sadie Revelare. The descriptions appeal to all senses, allowing readers to experience everything Sadie goes through firsthand. The attention to detail lets you connect more with Sadie and feel more involved with the story, feeling as if you are the main character.

Sadie and her family have been gifted with magical powers. They are able to enchant special items to heal others, influence their emotions and inflict curses. Sadie is powerful, but all magic has a price. She has always known the cost of her magic was tied to the curse of heartbreaks, but for her it is worth it.

This belief is shaken when her grandmother — the only person who is truly there for her — is diagnosed with cancer, and Sadie’s first heartbreak comes back to town. Soon, she is welcomed into a whole new world of chaos.

After hearing the news of her grandmother dying, her twin brother Seth returns after being away for years. He comes bringing tales of their past that may threaten the life Sadie has made for herself in town. Their grandmother has been their main provider and a significant figure in the family for generations. Now Sadie is tasked with finding out what to do next while keeping her family together and figuring out how to handle her ex. 

I fell into this story and had no desire to claw my way back out. Every chapter felt as if I was watching a movie that was filled with twists and turns. This book was all-encompassing and I just want to go back and read it over again for the first time. 

Randall has a unique way of setting up her story that lets your own imagination run wild and still stay in the comfort of the book. This enchanting story will have you exploring your own shields around your heart. 

As a bonus, each chapter is accompanied by a recipe for food featured in the story. Randall’s decision to include these treats functions as an invitation for readers to become a part of the experience. It helps make this book so magical. This story encompasses love, heartbreak, hope, childhood magic and warmth. Curl up on the couch with this book and escape reality for a few hours.

If you are in need of a bit of magic, look no further than “The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic.” It is bound to cast a spell on you! 


5/5 Stars

Featured photo courtesy of @houseofrandall, Instagram