Sangria Tapas Restaurant serves mouth-watering Spanish food

Walking into the Sangria Tapas Restaurant, I was captivated by the decor. It felt very close-knit and welcoming. The scent of flavorful, heartfelt meals with ingredients like chicken, rice, octopus and potatoes was inviting. Which, of course, is the precursor to what my family and I ordered. 

For my birthday, we decided to try this restaurant in Mahwah. As someone who greatly appreciates Spanish food and whose family equally enjoys it, this was the perfect spot for us to try. 

We ordered chorizo, octopus and steak with a side of potatoes, as well as a zesty shrimp and tomato dish. Thankfully, the small tapas-sized plates helped us try many different aspects of the restaurant’s menu. 

All in all, I greatly enjoyed my time at the Sangria Tapas Restaurant and would rate it five stars.

To start with my favorite dish, the octopus, was perfectly crispy and flaky. The tentacles were perfectly golden, with the potatoes underneath just as browned. Something about the chewy, crispy texture mixed together perfectly for me and was absolutely mouthwatering.

Another favorite of mine was the zesty shrimp. The shrimp was cut up into small, perfectly bite-sized pieces and was coated in diced tomatoes, lemon juice and basil. This was the most refreshing dish out of everything we ordered, and I couldn’t help but go back to this dish constantly – especially since it helped cleanse my palette before moving on to the next plate. While the shrimp did mess with my acid reflux, it was completely worth it, and I would definitely eat it again. It had a flavor I won’t forget anytime soon.

Towards the end of our meal, I ordered a mint tea as a finisher. It was a great way to tie everything together. Thinking of nothing else but the delicious food I ate, I was surprised by a magnificent tres leches cake for my birthday celebration. 

The cake was beautifully fluffy and light. I found my favorite part about the slice was the whipped icing on the top that wasn’t too sweet, but was just sweet enough. The pairing of the whipped icing with the light cake was absolutely perfect. Something about it was just what I needed after an amazing meal.

Finally, I found the service from our waitress to be so kind. She made sure that my food didn’t contain any of my allergens. I found that quite helpful, considering that my allergies often make it difficult to eat out. She was quite funny, oftentimes joking with me or my dad, and offered helpful advice in terms of what to order, what pairs well with what, and things of that nature. Her advice was welcomed and appreciated, especially her great recommendations.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed my time at the Sangria Tapas Restaurant and would rate it five stars. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Spanish tapas and would like a flavorful experience just like I had. Also, the dish I would recommend the most is the octopus and potato tapa because it is simply delicious!

5/5 stars


Featured photo courtesy of Care Granholm