Tips and tricks for hosting Friendsgiving this fall

Can you believe November is here already? I feel like just yesterday I was watching “Hocus Pocus” on repeat while stuffing my face with chocolate and candy corn that I selected from my local grocery store shelf. But it’s good that the best food of the year is going to be making its way to our dinner tables in just a few weeks! 

First though, we have to have some food on the tables provided in our dorm rooms to share with our friends on campus. The wonderful celebration of Friendsgiving, a holiday that was made to appreciate the friendships that makes school feel like home. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the official definition of Friendsgiving is “A blend of friend and Thanksgiving, and it refers to a large meal eaten with friends either on or near Thanksgiving.”

But it is also an excuse to eat more food before going home for the holidays. No, microwavable chicken nuggets should not be the main course. Maybe a small chicken pot pie would be a better idea!

Need some help on how to decorate? Here are some ideas:

A rose is still a rose! 

Flowers are always a wonderful addition to make a space feel dressed up. Bouquets of flowers can range from a bunch of different prices, but remember you don’t have to break the bank for a plant that is just for one day. A single rose wouldn’t hurt to add as the centerpiece of your little, friendly feast. 

Words are a token of appreciation! 

Make small cards with your guests names on them, on the back write a note saying something nice. After all, Friendsgiving is a small peek into what is going to happen on Thanksgiving Day. Tell your friends why you are thankful for them, or write an inside joke if you don’t want to be too cheesy! If you are feeling extra nice on the special day, make some small party favors for everyone. Give away a mini box of chocolates or a gift card to their favorite store. You can never go wrong with gift giving to those you know so well. 

What are friends for? 

Food obviously. I’m just kidding! But you can make your dinner more personal by having each one of your buddies bring one of their best dishes to the table. Pre-plan what to arrive at the party with, that way it makes it easier for everyone to not worry about what food to bring. Personally, I can make a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. I add my secret ingredient just to give them a little extra sweetness!

There is no official date when Friendsgiving starts but it is usually before Thanksgiving. That fourth Thursday in November will be here in no time, so get to cooking everyone! Let’s all look forward to taking in the nostalgic smells of fresh granny smith apple pies with a mix of fresh cinnamon donuts pouring out of the nearest dorm room. Happy Friendsgiving!


Featured photo courtesy of Element Digital, Pexels