Juno Zago showcases introspective mixed media in exhibition

Earlier this month, a solo exhibition by artist Juno Zago opened in the Pascal Gallery. The exhibition features pieces that incorporate a variety of different media and techniques from acrylic paint and watercolor to mixed media collage, glitter and rhinestones. These pieces work to convey themes “such as personal introspection, religiosity, and sexuality, all while appropriating images in a similar way to fast-paced internet culture,” according to a press release.

“Someone Watched the Barbie Movie and Had Feelings Afterwards” features a Ken doll and other collected objects. Photo by Rebecca Gathercole

In some pieces, Zago pulls from pop culture, such as a cut-out of a Ken doll and a Dubble Bubble gum wrapper in “Someone Watched the Barbie Movie and Had Feelings Afterwards.” In others, he creates self-portraits, like in “King of Wisps Considers the Impossibility of Getting It All Done in One Mere Existence” where he uses acrylic and decorates it with rhinestones and soft drink labels.

Zago is a queer visual artist, originally from Brazil and now based in Newark. He earned his bachelor’s degree in visual arts from Ramapo in 2016 and has been an artist in residence at Gallery Aferro in Newark since 2017. He became the creative director at Gallery Aferro this year, leading programs and taking on curatorial duties.

Zago’s exhibit will be available for viewing until Dec. 12.




Featured photo by Rebecca Gathercole