On campus: Week of Feb. 7

Celebration of Life: Andrea Mendoza

Students and faculty gathered by the Arch on Wednesday, Feb. 7, to honor the life of sophomore Andrea Mendoza. Mendoza was a first-generation computer science major and Education Opportunity Fund (EOF) scholar who passed away on Jan. 7. She was 19 years old.

The celebration of life began with a scenic walk around Kameron Pond to honor Mendoza’s love for nature. Those in attendance were asked to wear earth tones, her favorite color palette.

The walk concluded outside of the EOF Office, where the EOF tree was rededicated to Mendoza and gathered students, faculty and family had the opportunity to place daisies, another of her favorites, around the tree. 

“Andrea was an incredible person. With this tree we will always remember her legacy,” said Natalie Quiñones, an EOF student development specialist who had served as Andrea’s EOF advisor for the last two years.




Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program Panel

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, the Roadrunner Collegiate Recovery Program hosted a monthly recovery panel discussion. The program here on campus focuses on substance use and mental health disorders and offers students and staff a space for assistance in getting help.

This month’s discussion panel focused on the stories of those who are directly and indirectly affected by substance use. The panel, which was composed of six speakers, included parents,  former students and a current student. Each shared their individual experiences.

The panel focused on the fact that everyone is affected by substance abuse and mental health issues and that help is out there if you are struggling.

“There is always hope,” panelist Ariel said. “Let’s help destigmatize this disease and help those who need the assistance they need.”

The program offered the panel as a way to let those who are in need feel heard and safe to reach out for assistance. For more information about the program and panels, visit their website.




Featured photo by Rebecca Bleich