Photo feature: Ramapo students take the snow day to play

The weatherman called for a snowy nor’easter on Tuesday, and Mother Nature did not disappoint. By noon, Ramapo’s campus was blanketed in up to eight inches of white powder, with nearly all offices shut down and classes moved online. Students took this as an opportunity to bundle up and adventure onto campus. From sledding down Ramapo’s many hills, to building snowmen in the Village and Laurel quads, to pelting each other with snowballs, students found ways to entertain themselves with the snowfall and celebrate their canceled classes. 

Student Kelly Florencio shoots hoops with packed snowballs on the Laurel basketball courts.
Students Lauren Vogel and Abbie Greenberg appreciate the view of the Ramapo mountains as they prepare to take on the hill in front of the Bradley Center.


Students build a snowwoman in the Village while their competition looms over them in the distance.
Student Anthony Simone wipes out after catching too much speed sledding down the hill in front of the Bradley Center.
Students huddle in the second quad of the Village, talking snowball fighting strategies while their opponents prepare nearby.
Students stayed warm and indoors for a majority of the morning, only braving the cold after the snow stopped falling and the sun started shining.
Students Allison Tanasy, Victoria Chavez, Melissa Alvarez Vasquez and Tessa Pofahl gearing up to go down the hill in front of the Bradley Center in a sled train.
A snowman with carrots for hair and Tootsie Pops for nipples diligently contemplates life while watching onlookers in the Village’s first quad.
Student Peyton Bortner makes a snow angel in the Village’s expanse of untouched snow.
Students Mary McRae, Paige Duell, Madi Weeks and Danielle Rosengrant pose with their snowwoman, Mabel, adorning Oreos for eyes and a pickle nose.
Students sled down the hill by the Bradley Center together while friends watch from the top.
Student chillin’ in a snow throne made in the Village’s second quad surrounded by friends.
Students Simone Kizel, Saige Lupinacci, Amelia Ubel, Kathryn Bernstein and Zachary Fichera embrace their half-finished snowman outside of Laurel Hall.

Additional reporting by Rebecca Gathercole


Featured photo by Jessica Hammer