Conan Gray’s ‘Lonely Dancers’ has fans excited for new album

Conan Gray has pre-released another single from his upcoming album, “Found Heaven.” Set to release in April, it is expected to take on the structure of ‘80s classics. 

The most recent drop, “Lonely Dancers,” is an awesome synthetic pop song that sounds like the 1982 classic “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats with a touch of A-ha’s 1985 hit “Take On Me.”

The other pre-released tracks, “Never Ending Song,” “Killing Me” and “Winner,” are also quite synthesized and have a retro feeling to them. The beat to “Never Ending Song” is almost identical to the “Never Ending Story” theme song by Limahl, released in 1984.

These singles are very different from Gray’s previous discography but seem to fit him rather well. He has a very versatile voice, which is shown off in “Lonely Dancers.”

The choruses of the song demonstrate Gray’s ability to sing in a lower octave, whereas the verses and bridge are sung in his famous high-pitched voice.

The song follows someone trying to continue having a good time despite their partner disappointing them in some way. Within verse one, Gray sings, “Your lover left you, broke up tonight / My lover’s busy kissin’ other guys, oh / We’re both alone now, tears in our eyes / I know the perfect way to waste our time.”

Singing to someone else, Gray asks them to join him so they can still make the night a good one, with lyrics like “We’rе lonely dancers / Join me for thе night / We’re lonely dancers, baby / Dance with me so we don’t cry.” It’s almost as if he is giving advice, singing soon after, “We’ll be alright / Tonight, you’re mine.” 

These fun, sad yet uplifting lyrics paired with the groovy beat make for an amazing single that makes me even more excited for “Found Heaven.” April 5 cannot come any sooner.


Featured photo courtesy of @conangray, Instagram