Fans anticipate NHL trade deadline

With the 2024 NHL trade deadline fast approaching, fans can’t wait for the March 8 deadline to come. While many fans are speculating which players will be traded, many are trying to theorize based on player stats, income and style. It’s sure to be an interesting time with the new trades fast approaching and the teams making their decisions. 

One of the players that could catch the eye of the New York Rangers is Scott Laughton from the Philadelphia Flyers. So far this season, Laughton has seven goals and 18 assists, which seem to be drawing in the Rangers’ attention. 

While being a Flyer might not work out right now for Laughton, it seems that the Rangers could benefit from his play style. Now, one of the lingering questions is, will Laughton leave the Philadelphia Flyers and join the New York Rangers? Time will tell. 

Meanwhile, the New Jersey Devils are searching for their perfect trades. One player on the mind to trade is 22-year-old Alex Holtz. While Holtz is full-time in the league, Holtz’s style of playing might not be suitable for the team, since he works well with players who do heavy lifting transitions. The Devils could be looking to trade Holtz to a team that might better suit him and his needs. 

It seems that head coach Lindy Ruff wants to train Holtz to become a play driver, although that hasn’t happened in the last year. With that in mind, Holtz might not be meant for this role on the team. As of the last few weeks, he’s been on fourth-line duty, which signals it might be a good idea for Holtz to trade teams. While the trade might not be as ideal for the Devils, it could be better in the long run for the teams’ needs, goals, and scores. 

Another candidate to get traded on the New Jersey Devils is defense Jonas Siegenthaler. He didn’t have a good 2023-2024 season and has been out for the last 6 weeks due to a broken foot.

That being said, Siegenthaler is rumored to be able to return within the next couple of days. However, without practicing in recent weeks, it’s possible that Siegenthaler might be traded due to his lack of performance recently. 

It is rumored that the New York Islanders could trade Jean-Gabriel Pageau due to his being 31 years old and his losing status on the team. Of course, the team could be looking for someone younger, but due to Pageau’s recognizable name, retention and more, he could be a tough trade. 

The former head coach of the Islanders and current Nashville Predators general manager Barry Trotz noticed that Pageau is exactly what he wants in a player. Not only does this mean Pageau is desirable, it could mean that a trade is coming the Islanders’ way. Due to the Predators needing a center for stability and success rate, it would be wise of them to bring Pageau on their team.


Featured photo courtesy of @NYRangers, X