Dua Lipa brings out the best in new single

Dua Lipa makes her long-awaited comeback with her brand new single, “Training Season,” which is currently making the rounds online and leaving fans to speculate the true meaning behind her pop hit. 

The song begins with a series of men greeting Lipa, saying hello, apologizing for doing her wrong and wanting to rekindle their relationship, which unfortunately restarts this dangerous cycle she’s been in. 

As we continue to listen, it becomes clear that she has had her fair share of breakups and is tired of the constant emotional baggage she’s faced with. After ending her relationship with French filmmaker Romain Gavras, Callum Turner is her new beau after they were seen together early this year at a party, leaving many to believe that Turner will become just another man on her roster. 

Lipa keeps up the delusion that she must pour all her time and energy into a relationship when this new era is about healing and protecting her peace by putting herself first in the partnership. 

While many of us have been here since Lipa’s “New Rules” era, I have seen the artist she has grown into, and she is done playing games. “Training Season” is her way of coming to terms with the new standards she has set for herself and future partners, and she is done with men who won’t reciprocate the energy and time she gives them. 

She sings, “Don’t wanna have to teach you how to love me right / I hope it hits me like an arrow / Someone with some potential / Is it too much to ask for?” 

With her eyes set on Turner, it’s clear Lipa is looking for someone to keep up with her in all aspects and ultimately wants to find someone she can be equal with.

Fans of Lipa have taken to X, stating that this may be her best song yet. With her third studio album on the rise, this single brings us back to the synths and danceable beats of Lipa’s older music.

While her prior single “Houdini” ended up on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and is currently No. 25 on the charts, “Training Season” has set itself up to be one of those under-the-radar songs that you can’t help but return to. You best believe I’ll be listening to it long after the album drops!




Featured photo courtesy of @dualipa, Instagram