Sports round-up: What you missed week of Feb. 21

Questions raised regarding quality of MLB uniforms 

MLB fans have recently noticed a change in the quality of the players’ uniform material after multiple pictures have surfaced of players’ jerseys and pants being visibly see-through. Despite the clear displays of poor quality pants and jerseys from players such as San Francisco Giants infielder Casey Schmitt and Seattle Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh, the MLB has released an official statement claiming the quality of the pants has not changed since last season but that the material used for the jerseys has.

Players have also expressed concerns about the fit and overall aesthetic changes of the new style of uniform pants, citing a noticeable difference in fit from seasons prior. MLB Players Association Executive Director Tony Clark has stated that players have raised complaints about the fit of the pants, stating that they feel significantly tighter than before. 

Players are also upset that due to the change in fabric of the jerseys, the players’ names and numbers have to be smaller. While it seems like it is just a small difference, players have complained to Clark that they feel “amateurish” with these new style changes. Players’ concerns about their uniforms are being addressed by producers of the new jerseys and pants, Nike and Fanatics, and Clark hopes that they will be resolved before opening day on March 28. 


Restrictive NCAA NIL rules suspended 

Tennessee and Virginia courts have ruled in favor of the University of Tennessee in its legal battle with the NCAA over name, image and likeness (NIL) rules, officially stating that such rules would cause “irreparable damages to athletes.” 

The violation claims brought up by the NCAA towards the University of Tennessee were aimed towards potential recruits, especially in regards to football, receiving NIL benefits. This rule change on behalf of the NCAA prohibited college recruits from negotiating NIL deals with schools prior to committing. The ruling in Tennessee has officially made it legal for athletes to discuss NIL benefits prior to choosing a school to play for.

This decision comes as a great advantage to star high school athletes in choosing where they want to continue their academic and athletic career. Now, with the ability to negotiate with teams about the NIL benefits available to them, they are able to get a more complete understanding of their value and avoid being exploited and taken advantage of for their talents without proper compensation. 

District Judge Clifton Corker struck down the NCAA’s claims that the rules they put into place were necessary for the protection of college athletes, citing that the rule is in violation of antitrust laws in place by Congress. While it is possible the NCAA could appeal this decision, for now, the temporary injunction put into action by Tennessee courts in this ruling come at an opportune time for high school athletes looking to commit to a university in the coming weeks and months. 


Player injured after storming basketball court at Wake Forest

After a game against Wake Forest University this Saturday, Duke University star basketball player Kyle Filipowski was injured after a collision when fans stormed the court. Filipowski, the center for Duke’s famed men’s basketball team, reportedly suffered a sprained ankle after an overly excited Wake Forest fan crashed into him on the court. This is not the first time an incident like that has occurred in college basketball in recent news and is starting to raise questions about the safety of allowing fans to storm the court. 

Superstar guard on the University of Iowa’s women’s basketball team, Caitlin Clark, also recently had an incident with a fan rushing onto the court following the team’s loss to Ohio State. Duke’s head coach Jon Scheyer as well as Wake Forest’s Steve Forbes both saw the incident following Filipowski’s injury as an opportunity to express their concerns with allowing for fans to storm the court. 

Both agreed that it seems entirely too dangerous for players and fans alike. Filipowski reportedly believes the incident was a personal attack against him. “I absolutely felt like it was personal. Intentional for sure,” he said according to CNN.

As they head into the rest of the college basketball season, Filipowski will most likely recover from his injury and be able to head back on the court soon.


Featured photo courtesy of @SFGiants, X