Winnetka Bowling League’s new single teases album

After more than six months of teasing, the Los Angeles-based band Winnetka Bowling League released their new single “Sha La La” last Thursday. As the first single from their upcoming debut album, the song marks an exciting era for the band.

Comprised of acclaimed singer-songwriter Matthew Koma — who has a slew of songwriting credits that include Zedd’s 2012 hit “Clarity” — with drummer Kris Mazzarisi and keyboardist Sam Beresford, the band has largely flown under many people’s radars in the past. Formed in 2018, their songs have yet to reach mass success, but they do have four EPs under their belt and have accrued a dedicated fanbase.

Winnetka Bowling League’s sound has transformed from slow and mellow on their 2018 debut self-titled EP to increasingly poppy on their past two projects. “Sha La La” sits right in the middle. While it’s a bit more generic than their past work, the song maintains the band’s indie pop style through Koma’s subdued, high-pitched vocals, punchy harmonies and meticulous instrumentation.

“Sha La La is a song about getting older, romanticizing the past and forgetting all of the imperfections that accompanied the highlights,” Koma wrote in a story post on the band’s Instagram page on Friday.

The lyrics, which feature someone reminiscing better days, aren’t extraordinary, but they pair with the production to create a feeling of nostalgia that often permeates Winnetka Bowling League’s music.

“Sha La La” is not Winnetka Bowling League’s best work, but it’s still a promising start to their album and, after so much waiting, a welcome taste of what’s to come later this year.


4/5 stars


Featured photo courtesy of @winnetkabowlingleauge, Instagram