In Other News: Week of Feb. 28 on campus

The Center for Health and Counseling Services began its “Free Condom Friday” initiative last Friday. Outside of the Health Services building, discreet brown paper bags with lollipops attached were on display for students to take.

Acting Associate Director and Nurse Practitioner for Health Services Kara Maxsimic said that it is a “creative way to increase student’s access to safe sex supplies,” noting that “students are able to come down to Health Services and grab a package of 3 condoms and lubricant discreetly, without needing to ask or see anyone.” 

She added that the “condom kiosk is located in our outer lobby, or outside on warmer days, so there is no need to interact with staff, which can be a barrier for some students.” Health Services invites all students to come by on Fridays to obtain some free safe sex supplies.


Featured photo by Amanda Jones