Selena Gomez gets fun and flirty in new single

Selena Gomez has been in a little bit of hot water for the past few weeks because of the public’s negative opinions of her new boyfriend, producer Benny Blanco. However, since the release of her new single “Love On” on Feb. 22, fans have been by her side. 

This is her first single released in 2024 since her last release in August 2023, “Single Soon.” The new track is an upbeat pop song, seemingly about Gomez being involved with another person and that she is ready to be with them. The pop singer is possibly hinting at her relationship with Blanco. “Love On” is nothing much different from her previous songs, which are also pop or Latin pop. 

The song opens up with a sample from the French song “L’amour” by LiQWYD. These few opening lyrics in French describe naming someone “tender love.” She continues by describing how she’s ready to “turn her love on.”

In other words, Gomez is telling fans she is ready to move things forward whenever her new partner is. Some of these lyrics include “If you think about fallin’ / Got you covered like garments” and “I’m no cheap thrill / I’m a rollercoaster ride, baby, jump on.” The song was released just after Valentine’s Day and gives a fun and flirty vibe. 

“Love On” has received positive feedback from users on X since its release. One user @smgiscoming on X shared “Selena Gomez definitely just gave us the next pop hit of 2024 with ‘Love On’ and nobody can convince me otherwise!” 

Gomez is rumored to drop another pop album sometime later this year.


Featured photo courtesy of @selenagomez, Instagram