In Other News: Week of March 6 on campus

The College Programming Board (CPB) hosted a movie screening of “Barbie” last Thursday. This screening was the club’s first Women’s History Month event that they have planned for the month. 

The event started out as usual with an introduction of the event and talk about the importance of Women’s History Month. Students were then asked to take their seats and enjoy the show. 

With the film’s cast full of powerful and inspiring women, the movie was shown to inspire the amazing women at Ramapo. Showcasing themes that align with society today and a message for all women to create a better world for future generations, this movie inspired those that attended.

Attendee Noreija Bynum said that watching the movie was such a great experience and one that she will take with her going forward. 

“I think it made me actually look back on my life and really think about who I am and where I am going in life,” she said in an interview with The Ramapo News.

Tears were shared all around the H-Wing auditorium and changed the way the students viewed themselves before walking into the movie. Some may say it gave the attendees new appreciation of the month and being a woman, and others look at it as inspiration to embrace a new era of change. 

“The movie made me feel as a woman, especially a woman of color, that I can do anything. To me, it’s inspirational,” Bynum said.

To join in the month-long celebration of Women’s Herstory Month on campus, visit the Women’s Center website.


Featured photo courtesy of WarnerBros./MattelFilms