In Other News: Weeks of March 14-27 on campus

Hidden Gems Pop-up Shop

Ramapo’s Women’s Center hosted a Hidden Gems Pop-up Shop in Trustees Pavilion on March 12. There were up to 15 local, women-owned businesses featured, each selling unique items that ranged from art, apparel, jewelry, accessories and much more. 

“I like how it’s bringing so many people together. It feels like a community space with women and queer vendors,” Student Women’s Outreach Coordinator Madison Case, who also planned this event, said. “Ramapo can definitely see this event returning.”

The businesses included bath and body brand DollyMoo, CoZie Café, The Herstory Studio, Nail Lab by Caro, Portside Swim Club and many more. The event was packed with Ramapo students not only buying items but also getting to know the vendors and their journey. 

“I loved the set-up and having women and queer-owned businesses. The vendors were so nice and it is very empowering and inspirational watching all these vendors share their items,” said Yasmin Pesherov, student office manager at the Women’s Center.


The Vagina Monologues 

In celebration of Women’s Herstory Month, Ramapo’s Women’s Center hosted their yearly event, “The Vagina Monologues,” on Monday. 

This event involved a play that dives into the experiences of more than 200 women and LGBTQIA+ people interviewed by V, formerly Eve Ensler. The play featured 12 students from the Women’s Center who read aloud different monologues that showcased various women’s stories.

This was an event open to all, set to break barriers in the conversation about vaginas and support those who may feel disconnected. The night started with a game and then the monologues began. Stories ranged from discussing sexual assault to poems about the word to real-life experiences about living with a vagina. 

Senior participant McKenzie Janisz finds this performance important. “This event means liberation and opens the discussion on sexuality in all forms and talks about women’s experiences,” she said,

Students at the end of the performance were welcomed to see a new perspective when it came to the taboo word and invited into the conversation on the topic. 

For more information about the final events of Women’s Herstory Month, visit the Women’s Center website.


Featured photo by Jennifer Lopez