In Other News: Week of March 27 on campus

OLU hosts Indigenous Clay Creations 

The Organization of Latino Unity (OLU) hosted the Indigenous Clay Creations event on Monday. People attending had the opportunity to learn more about the traditional art form as well as make their own creations using Play-Doh.

The event started with a PowerPoint presentation discussing the importance of pottery to Indigenous groups. There are multiple layers of significance to pottery including the preservation of cultural identities, the recording of history and the union of people with their ancestors.

Some examples of Indigenous clay work included in the presentation were Aztec masks for ceremonial use, the ceramics of Jalisco and the Mexican Talavera style.

There are many styles of Aztec masks with some created for ceremonies while others were for ornamental purposes. Some masks lacked holes for a person’s eyes to see through and were generally used as decoration or fitted for a sculpture of a deity to wear.

Jalisco is a western Mexican state known for many forms of pottery including stiff postured sculptures and red clay works with white and green designs. Meanwhile, Talavera pottery was introduced to Mexico by Spanish guild artisans and is named after the 16th century Spanish pottery center, Talavera de la Reina. The native floral and animal accoutrements of these pieces display the classically Mexican nature of their creation.

OLU ended the presentation with some facts about Indigenous tribes located in Latin America and the Caribbean. Apparently, approximately 50 million Indigenous people live in Latin America with the largest populations residing in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia. 

They also shared the fact that those Indigenous tribes are in the 17% of people living in extreme poverty in their countries. The importance of sharing this information and hosting this event was to show support for these Indigenous groups and ensure they are not forgotten. 

From there, people used various colors of Play-Doh to make their own creations from scratch or craft pieces inspired by one of the many Indigenous artworks shown. This led to many colorful creations as well as a sense of community with everyone sharing their materials.


Beekeeping Clubs hosts candle-making event

Ramapo’s Beekeeping Club hosted its first-ever beeswax candle-making event on March 29. They welcomed students to come and join in the process of making natural and homemade candles while learning a little more about the club’s initiatives and goals.

With this event in particular, it was the first time the club has ever made tea light candles. The club has saved up beeswax over the past several years, including this year, to make the 60 candles that they will sell at their annual sale.

While the process was long and tedious, the event ended with participants each taking home their own homemade tea light candles. Students were all given a chance to participate in the process and learn a new skill that goes hand in hand with beekeeping during the winter. 

Club president Anthony D’Angelo said he will look to continue this event and create similar ones to bring more like-minded people together and get them involved with the club. 

“I think that all the members that came out to participate had a great time, and the event went very well as expected,” he said.


ACS prepares for Relay for Life

Ramapo’s American Cancer Society (ACS) held an event for late night at the Birch Tree Inn on March 26. This event was held as a kick-off for their upcoming Relay for Life event, which is an annual fundraiser that brings the community together to raise money for cancer research.

The event had a pajama party theme, inviting students to dress up in their pajamas and grab fun food to advertise and prepare for Relay for Life. Foods offered included emoji fries and assorted flavors of popcorn. As for beverages, a hot chocolate bar was set up in addition to the usual soda station. At the door, students were given a ticket for a raffle that included prizes like Relay for Life tickets, t-shirts and a JBL speaker.

Relay for Life will be held on Friday in the Bradley Center. Tickets can be donated or purchased on ACS’ website.


Featured photo courtesy of Jennifer Lopez