Tammy Murphy drops out of senate race

Tammy Murphy, wife of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, has been the first lady since 2018. Murphy, no stranger to elections, began her own campaign for the U.S. Senate this year but decided to drop out last weekend. 

Murphy made the statement about her dropping out on March 24 in a video posted online. She opens the video by stating: “After many busy, invigorating, and yes, challenging months, I am suspending my senate campaign today.”

With the way that New Jersey runs their elections, the ballot system is different from other states. In New Jersey, they use “the county line,” which puts candidates who are running within the same party together on the ballot. Some believe Murphy dropping out has to deal with issues surrounding the ballot system in New Jersey.

In reality, Murphy is dropping out of the race saying that continuing to compete in such an election against Democratic Rep. Andy Kim would be engaging in a “divisive and negative campaign.”

Kim has had his own issues with the race and has sued over the line ballot system earlier this year. According to NJ.com, Kim is suing because this ballot system is “leading to voters being ‘cynically manipulated,’ giving a big advantage to candidates who receive the preferential placement, and helping powerful party leaders tip elections.” Kim requests for there to be a traditionally set up ballot design, particularly one that is also used in other states.

Based on Kim’s statements, he has been constantly trying to claim that Murphy is the one being favored in the senate election in New Jersey. The line has been critical to Murphy’s campaign and has her endorsed by many of New Jersey’s top Democrats. Just last month, Kim accused Murphy of ​​“weaponizing the county line and weaponizing this process to advantage her.”

Kim has since come forward with statements about Murphy’s dropping out. According to ABC News, Kim has stated, “Tammy Murphy has been a voice for progress and public service in our state, and I respect her decision to carry on that work as First Lady. Tammy and I both agree that it is critical that we keep this seat, and the Senate, in Democratic control.” 

This is the first time Murphy has run for Senate. However, at a meeting of the state Maternal and Infant Health Innovation Authority on Wednesday in Trenton, Murphy claimed that she will possibly be running for office again in the future.

In the meantime, Murphy will continue to be a political activist. Her involvement in the Maternal and Infant Health Innovation Authority in New Jersey is crucial, as she has stated, “I now know this work is going to carry on for our state and be a beacon of hope for the rest of the country.” 

The primary election will take place on June 4.




Featured photo courtesy of Phil Murphy, Wikipedia