Imagine Dragons releases strong single about perseverance

Imagine Dragons released their new song “Eyes Closed,” featuring Dan Reynolds as lead vocalist on April 3. The song was also released with a brand new music video that was teased for weeks before the release. This comeback solidified their reign of producing hit songs.

According to @imaginedchart on X, the song climbed over 21 top spots and reached No. 18 on US iTunes, after previously hitting No. 9, in one week. 

Reynolds reflected on the new song by saying, ‘“It’s finding that right balance of nostalgia and freshness that brings me the most joy in the studio. We had a lot of fun making this one and hope you enjoy it too.”’

This song brings an upbeat and hardcore tempo to blast through your speakers. Each lyric contains meanings that represent Reynolds a strong individual such as, “I’m back from the dead / from the back of my head / Been gone and facing horrors that should never be said.” This line demonstrates that anything you throw at him, it’s nothing that he can’t handle. 

Diving further into the song, it says in the chorus: “Lock me up in maze (Oh) / Turn out, turn out, turn out the lights (Oh) / I was born, I was raised for this (Oh).” This continuously shows his perseverance and that his strength cannot be broken. 

This song showcases Reynolds’ strength, which is a theme throughout Imagine Dragons’ previous album released in 2022. He continuously shows through his songs what he is personally going through that could also be relatable to anyone dealing with mental health. He brings light to the subject in his songs to empower everyone that needs it. This song deserves a listen, or a couple, to truly rock out to the nostalgic band. 


5/5 stars


Featured photo courtesy of @imaginedragons, Instagram