In Other News: Week of April 10 on campus

National Library Week 

In recognition of National Library Week, librarians from the George T. Potter Library handed out free snacks and bookmarks in the Learning Commons last week.

“We’re happy with everybody who’s stopping by and is engaged and interested with what we’re doing. We want to continue providing good service to the Ramapo College community,” system and web development librarian Samantha Wittenberg said.

Next to the table, a sketch board posed questions, such as “What is your favorite book?” and “What do you love about Potter Library?,” and allowed students to write their answers.

“We got some really nice responses,” interlibrary loan, reference & instruction librarian Katie Cohen added. “It’s nice to see how the campus community enjoys the library, especially the study rooms.”


Renaissance Faire

For the first time in Ramapo history, a set of 17 Ramapo student-run clubs hosted a Renaissance Faire on Saturday, April 13. Originally planned to run outside, the event was pushed inside the Atrium but went on regardless.

Students and attendees gathered inside the Atrium seating area to visit specially curated activities for the fair. Activities like sand-making, flower crown-making, a homemade candle and honey sale, mask-making, board game battle and making your own Balloony from “Phineas and Ferb.”

Along with activities, there was a set of three different prizes and specially-themed food that would have any Renaissance lover excited. Students were all given tickets at the beginning of the event to win the special prizes. Prizes for the event included a plague doctor squishable, a Perry the Platypus plush and a copy of “Elden Ring.”

While the event did not go as planned, students were still able to experience the magic and escape from reality on campus. With plans to do this again in the future, the clubs hope to make the event reach more students and become more of a memorable experience.


Featured photo contributed by Kimberly Ventresca