In Other News: Week of April 17 on campus

OVP hosts Yoga in the Yard

The Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) hosted their yearly Yoga in the Yard event on April 17. Counseling Services joined OVP in hosting this event to honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

OVP student peers, as well as members of Counseling Services, gathered in the Grove by the Arch with pamphlets and mats. The pamphlets included information about domestic violence, advice about how to leave abusive situations and resources for stress and mental health. 

A yoga instructor from Home Power Yoga joined the OVP and Counseling Services. The beginner-style class was a group practice to relieve stress and foster a sense of mindfulness.

The instructor demonstrated various yoga poses, including the tree pose and upward and downward dog. These poses were specifically chosen to help relieve stress and allow participants to ground themselves in the moment.

Like in years past, participants at the event walked away feeling more centered and left with the knowledge of techniques to become part of the moment and to destress on their own.


Discussion on Advocacy and Action hosted by CCEC 

The Civic and Community Engagement Center (CCEC) hosted their discussion on Advocacy and Action on April 17. Student manager of CCEC and senior Sydney Mattea discussed various topics and concerns about Ramapo students’ efforts of advocacy and action on- and off-campus.

With a small discussion, attendees were able to talk about their specific issues and bring about concerns when it comes to human rights topics and student involvement. Attendees were asked to brainstorm new ways in which they could marry the oftentimes complicated classroom dynamic with student opinion and feelings. This space was made for students to feel that they could advocate for themselves on certain topics and their experience with burnout, fatigue and loss of passion.

A pivotal aspect of the discussion revolved around the fleeting nature of digital advocacy and the importance of substantive action beyond mere online discourse. Emphasized was the significance of understanding existing laws and policies as a precursor to advocating for meaningful enhancements and outcomes.

To end the event, the conversation concluded by reaffirming the imperative of action in effecting tangible change. Attendees were left with the idea that “We are the ones who need to talk the talk and walk the walk, we are the ones who need to discuss advocacy and action and show others what that looks like.”


Featured photo by Rebecca Bleich