Sia’s new single ‘Fame Won’t Love You’ disappoints

Australian singer and songwriter Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, or plainly called Sia, released a new single, “Fame Won’t Love You,”  with media personality and businesswoman Paris Hilton on April 19. The cover art features Sia’s well-known bob in a light salmon color sporting a pink bow and matching heart-shaped sunglasses.

The song starts with a low synth beat before Sia starts with her always powerful, echoing voice. After the end of each line, the last word dramatically repeats as though she is singing in a canyon. 

Then, the chorus blasts with cymbal crashes and upbeat belting. She sings about how one should not excessively stress over becoming famous as being in the spotlight is not comparable to being loved. 

The main lines state, “’Cause fame won’t love you like a mother, like a father should / And you may wish for Oscars / Grammys and blockbusters / But they won’t love you like a brother, like a lover should.”

After Sia’s chorus, the song switches to Hilton singing a similar story of losing hope aimlessly reaching for stardom. A pair of lines that stuck out to me with her section of the song were, “I looked for the smiles / Oh, hoping in them I’d find / Validation for my futile existence.” 

These lines seemed emotionally loaded for such a basic song. Aside from Hilton’s feature, this track sounds exactly like Sia’s other tracks. She follows a strict pattern: an opening that states the hardship, a belted chorus and beats meant to lift your soul. After so many songs like this, it can get dull. 

The best way to describe her song is that it sounds like something that would be featured in the next coming-of-age movie on Netflix or a JCPenney’s commercial. There is also the irony of having two highly famous people, especially the icon that is Paris Hilton, turn to listeners and say it isn’t worth it to chase fame.

“Fame Won’t Love You” is a cash grab and until Sia releases something worthwhile, I won’t love her either.


1/5 stars


Featured photo courtesy of @siamusic, Instagram