Summer fun: Local ways to cure boredom

As the scenery bursts with color and the temperature rises, you may be looking for ways to spend the upcoming summer break. Rest assured, there are many things to do and places to visit throughout New Jersey. 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to take a walk around and visit farm animals, Alstede Farms in Chester is the place for you. With a small, easy-to-navigate property, friendly staff and opportunities to pick nearly every kind of produce you could think of, this little farm is perfect for a full day of fun. 

At the entrance to the farm, the main market can be seen where lots of organic, homemade foods and full or half quarts of cider are available. There are both indoor and outdoor markets, with the inside being more similar to a convenience store. 

There are also adorable animals all around, with stations that offer food pellets for them. You can even buy produce bags to feed them for $2. 

Another exciting activity to do at Alstede Farms is the guided tour. One of the tours costs $15.99 per person and includes pick-your-own produce as well as interesting facts that the tour guide will share with you throughout the ride. Some of the produce available includes raspberries, blueberries, peaches, strawberries and apples. 

After you come back to the main farm after your tour, I recommend visiting the ice cream stand. Classic flavors are offered as well as Alstede specials, like honey lavender, pumpkin, peach blueberry and peach raspberry. There are also delicious smoothies. 

Another great place to visit is Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park in Long Branch. The scenery there is beautiful and the water is very clean. It is a great place to hang out if your ideal day is spent basking in the sunshine or swimming in nice, cool water. 

It is possible with the transition from cold weather to warm that the temperature of the water may be quite cold. Even better for a hot day! 

If swimming isn’t your thing, there are hiking trails around the water. There are also things like a snack bar with sheltered places to eat, a volleyball area and even an area for surfers. 

Fees for daily admission are $10 for people 18 years old or older and free for those who are under 17 years old. The price of parking for one day is $10. 

If you are more of a frequent beachgoer, seasonal passes are free for those 17 years old or younger, $75 for those who are 18 through 65 years old, $30 for those who are 65 years old and older, and $20 for NJ State Disability Pass Holders. Seasonal access parking is $75. 

However you choose to spend your summer break, I do hope you check out these places. They have been great every time I visited them, and I highly recommend them.


Featured photo courtesy of Pen Nuja, Openverse