Tender’s latest single teases new album

The latest single release from British electronic pop band TENDER teases their upcoming album “FLUX” being released this September. This past Friday, TENDER released “sprinkles,” the latest of three singles currently available from the new album.

The band consists of two members, James Cullen and Dan Cobb, who released their first EP “Armour” in 2015.  The band puts an emphasis on experimenting with sound, both vocally and instrumentally.

This is evident after one listens to any of TENDER’s music. Their distinct sound, specifically their signature vocal distortion and electronic instrumental, is present on every song they put out. The original sound that has helped the band define themselves on the edge of a genre consists of a combination of breathy vocals and synth beats.

“sprinkles” follows the realness of two other singles, “come clean” and “daydreamers,” that will also be featured on “FLUX.” “sprinkles” is a song that fits into the genre and music style that TENDER has made for themselves, featuring lyrics about the internal struggles of wanting to be with someone but knowing you don’t have much time left together. 

This is evident in the lyrics, “Wish I had the time to let things grow / Could of had you for a lifetime / Want that extra hour of daylight / So I can cherish you in sunshine.”

The band’s music tends to be on the more relaxed side of electronic pop, which is definitely the case for “sprinkles.” The song is upbeat but doesn’t feel very high-energy with a rather poetic chorus that only repeats twice in the four-minute song.

I’m excited to see what they have in store for us on “FLUX.” The song isn’t my favorite from TENDER, but it’s still a good track that I’d recommend to get a taste of the band’s unique sound.


3/5 stars




Featured photo courtesy of @tenderofficialmusic, Instagram