Candidates’ Policies Leave Women Conflicted

Photo courtesy of American Life League, Flickr Women's issues have been in the forefront during this election season, receiving a large amount of press because of the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the controversial statements made by Donald Trump. While Trump has stated a pro-life position with limited exceptions for […]

Trump and Clinton Address Their Plans for Minorities

Photo courtesy of Mr. Sean Elliot, Wikipedia When it comes to matters involving minorities such as Blacks, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants and the LGBTQ community, there is a clear difference between the positions held by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton has managed to gain most of the support of minority […]

An Overview of the Candidates’ Environmental Policies

Photo courtesy of Eric Kounce, Wikipedia In the current election, the discussion of environmental policy has also included discussion of energy policy and the economic impact of both policies. Both candidates have made arguments regarding their environmental policy on the basis of the form of energy they were looking to […]

The Candidates’ Current Stance on Gun Control

Photo courtesy of M&R Glasgow, Flickr The second amendment and gun control have been a large part of this year’s election. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have established a clear position on their respective gun control policies. Major points brought up by both candidates involve combatting armed criminals, mentally […]

Event Discusses the Culture of Latino Muslims

Photo by Hope Patti On Monday, the Omega Phi Beta Sorority hosted an event in cooperation with the Muslim Student Association as part of the Latino Heritage month. Organized by Lisaida Garcia and hosted by both Thalia Mercado and Rand Abdul-Raziq, the “Latinos and Islam” event covered a rarely-discussed topic. […]