Student shares insights on visit to gun range

Mass shootings have been an immense issue within our country for the last decade. Every time a shooting occurs, there is great controversy regarding America’s gun policies. But have we ever stepped back to take a look at the type of weapons used in such massacres? I did, and here’s […]

‘Scream VI’ makes audiences quake

When “Scream” was first released in theaters in 1996, it was meant to be an almost comedic take on classic slasher films. However, it became an iconic fan-favorite that now has a total of six movies and most likely counting, in its franchise. Earlier this March, “Scream VI” made its […]

Inadequate sex education breeds misconceptions

Thinking back to middle and high school, can you remember what you learned about sex education? Me neither. The only thing I can truly recall learning about is the danger of drugs and alcohol and that sex involves a cisgender man penetrating a cisgender woman.  However, that last statement is […]

‘Take It Down’ empowers underage victims

I’m sure we have all heard that the internet is forever and we should be wary of our digital footprints. Nevertheless, teens do not seem to think about this message before sending out explicit photos of themselves. Once a picture has been sent, it can never be taken back. However, […]