Popular streaming services underpay musicians

Photo courtesy of Apple Music, Wikipedia. Streaming services have become an ingrained part of our culture, and for good reason. It’s very convenient to have so much content available to you for a low monthly rate. Music is no exception, as you can find most artists that you’re looking for on […]

Weezer releases a boring, withering dud of an EP

Photo courtesy of micadew, Wikipedia. On March 20, Weezer released their new EP, “SZNZ: Spring.” This EP is the first in a series of four EPs set to be released by the band throughout the year with each release meant to correspond to a different season. While the concept for this […]

Surprise album “Crest” is a gorgeous hidden gem

Photos courtesy of ParadigmTalentAgency and Daniel-Sannwald, BLIP. Bladee and Ecco2k shocked fans on Friday when they released their joint album “Crest” with no prior announcement. The album marks the latest in a long line of collaboration between the two Swedish artists, both part of the musical collective Drain Gang. The whole album […]

New Cowboy Bebop remake takes two steps forward, three steps back

Photo courtesy of Adam Chu's Tumblr, Wiki. From the brilliantly defined cast of characters to the lively world-building, there’s a lot to love about “Cowboy Bebop.” However, the live-action adaptation fails to properly translate any of these aspects from the original anime. Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the seminal 1998 anime “Cowboy […]

Weezer’s “OK Human” is more than just OK

Photo courtesy of Hunter Kahn, Wikipedia   I’ve been listening to the new Weezer album on repeat. That is a sentence I wouldn’t imagine myself saying, but with the release of “OK Human,” here we are. With their fourteenth album, Weezer shows after a string of poorly received albums that they’ve […]