Legendary Animator Hayao Miyazaki Retires

Photo courtesy of Thomas Schulz, Wikipedia Hayao Miyazaki, the renowned visionary and king of Japanese animation, has retired from creating feature length films which gained him global success to move on to new forms of storytelling. Miyazaki announced his retirement over the summer, stating that he would no longer create feature […]

Comics Grow into Global Phenomenon

Photo courtesy of Alan Alfaro, Flickr Creative Commons Comic book heroes dominate the box office and bookshelves across the world. There is no doubt that comic books are more relevant than they have ever been in the history of the medium. Traditionally, comic books were only sold in specialty stores, but […]

Robotic Revolution: Artificial Intelligence on the Horizon

In the media, artificial intelligence has been seen in films like “Blade Runner,” “I, Robot” and “Her,” but a world filled with androids and robots might still be far-fetched. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a branch of science and robotics that deals with bringing human-like qualities and intelligence to artificial […]

90’s Murder Mystery Show to Return in 2016

Photo courtesy of David Shankbone, Wikipedia It was announced earlier this month that “Twin Peaks” would return to television nearly 25 years after being cancelled. For many people, it might be a bit surprising that a murder mystery show that ended in 1991 with just one year on the air is […]

Halloween Channeled Through Seasonal Films

Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the scariest day of the year than by turning off the lights, hiding under your blankets and watching some classic Halloween films.  There are, of course, the obvious choices like John Carpenter’s “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th" that deserve some […]

Plenty of Seasonal Events to Enjoy

Fall has arrived at Ramapo College and students can expect some cool weather and changing leaves. With the fall comes events, festivals and performances both on and off campus that Ramapo students can enjoy. On campus, Ramapo has plenty of big fall events planned; Ramapo’s annual Octoberfest kicks off this […]

‘Tusk’s’ Genre Confusion Disorients Audience

Photo Courtesy of Tony Shek, Flickr Creative Commons “Tusk,” the new horror film from acclaimed writer and director Kevin Smith, may not be exactly what you expect from the guy that brought you “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” This is actually Smith’s second excursion into […]

Support Athletics with Enthusiasm and Team Garb

As fall sports begin at Ramapo, students and faculty alike can enjoy watching the Roadrunners both on and off campus. For many students, Ramapo sports can offer a fantastic college experience and an overall great time when you make the most of them. The first and easiest way to make […]