Author: Dana Wehmann

Students head south for alternative Spring break trip

Photo courtesy of Dana Wehmann Instead of taking the time to relax over spring break, nine Ramapo students traveled to Asheville, North Carolina where they spent four days participating in numerous community service projects around the city. Three of the days were spent working with Asheville Greenworks, a local nonprofit […]

Amazon lays off employees as they continue to grow

Photo courtesy of Adam J. Reynolds, Wikipedia Amazon, the second largest U.S. based corporate employer, will be instituting a large number of layoffs at their Seattle headquarters in Washington over the next few months, the Seattle Times reported. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and stood out by […]

Satanic warlock promotes religious diversity at Ramapo

Photo by Dana Wehmann A Satanic warlock visited Ramapo last Thursday in Friends Hall to promote religious diversity among Ramapo students. Aden Ardennes, a gay Manhattan freelance writer who grows his own food and produces a homoerotic magazine, was quite possibly the last person students expected to hear a speech […]

Gun control should not just be up for discussion

Photo courtesy of Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz), Wikipedia Last weekend’s mass shooting in Las Vegas was yet another gun tragedy in this country. Each new shooting is seemingly labeled the ‘worst shooting in U.S. history,’ and it is reasonable to wonder what it will have to take place before gun […]