Author: Donald Irons

Marathons shouldn’t discriminate against trans-women

Photo courtesy of @EntirelyAmelia, Twitter Recently, the magazine Canadian Running published a piece highlighting the achievements of three transgender women who managed to qualify for the women’s division of this year’s Boston Marathon, Stevie Romer of Woodstock, Illinois, Amelia Gapin of Jersey City, New Jersey and Grace Fisher of Hancock, Maryland. […]

Shipping emissions should be addressed now, not later

Photo courtesy of Wmeinhart, Wikipedia As various countries and industries try to meet their assigned cuts in carbon emissions, the shipping industry across the world is facing pressure to meet these deadlines enforced by the Paris Climate Accords. The shipping currently contributes 4 percent of current global greenhouse gas emissions, but […]

Altered net neutrality rules will change the internet

Photo courtesy of Federal Communications Commission, Wikipedia On Nov. 21 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released plans to dismantle rules regarding net neutrality, which prohibits Internet Service Providers (ISP) from blocking, slowing down or charging more for the delivery of certain internet content of their choosing. It is feared that […]

Agatha Christie remake is well worth a one-way ticket

Photo courtesy of Angela George, Wikipedia Adapting “Murder on the Orient Express” to film in our contemporary period is a bit of a challenge. The original Agatha Christie classic created an unnerving claustrophobic setting accompanied by a great focus on detailed conversations and investigation that mystery stories of that time […]

SGA passes bill to enforce proper recycling on campus

Photo courtesy of J. Smith, Wikipedia Ramapo’s Student Government Association passed legislation on Oct. 2 that will affect organizations hoping to co-sponsor with the legislative body in the future. The bill concerns the enforcement of Ramapo College’s waste disposal guidelines, stating that “all organizations that the SGA co-sponsors with are […]