Comedian Francisco Ramos brings laughs to Ramapo

Photo courtesy of Francisco Ramos, Twitter A steadily-growing crowd filled Ramapo’s H-wing auditorium, lured in by the signs picturing comedian Francisco Ramos. Prospective viewers were greeted with photos of a confident man on stage, microphone in hand, arm outstretched. They were waiting for a stand-up routine, and with Ramos’s lineup, […]

Private school under fire for unethical treatment

Photo courtesy of Judge Rotenberg Center At first glance, the Judge Rotenberg Center, a private school in Canton, Massachusetts, seems like a paradise for disabled teens and their families.  Asserting the effectiveness of their treatments for intellectual disabilities and emotional disturbances, the school boasts a non-expulsion policy, a community for […]

Apostle is an exaggerated yet interesting film

Photo courtesy of iDominick, Wikipedia When “Apostle” isn’t devolving into cheesiness and scenery-chewing performances, it’s an impressive new movie in the Netflix original lineup. Director and writer Gareth Evans creates a grim world, offering more than two hours of shadowy, half-obscured nightmares. It begins with slow pacing, a dark, heavy […]

Nappily Ever After receives not so happy reviews

Photo courtesy of David Shankbone, Wikipedia There are two movies in “Nappily Ever After.” Torn between two contradicting tones, the film finds itself in the awkward position of mostly following the rarely challenged romantic comedy formula with few deviations. Viewers can predict the conflicts and journeys of each character with […]

Ramapo students get a taste of Mahwah

Courtesy of CARS, Twitter Peering in between the double doors of Friends Hall, four freshmen students listen for the chatter of the event inside. They’re 45 minutes early, and anxiously check their phones for the time. “We came early to get all the food,” jokes Rachel Azulay, freshman. On Friday, […]