Starbucks fires pro-union employee

Some Starbucks employees have been trying to become members of a labor union. However, not all locations are having the same success, as some of them are experiencing consequences from corporate employees. Alexis Rizzo, an advocate for unionization, was fired recently. It was cited that she was having attendance and […]

Alcoholic borg threatens health of college students

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish. The celebrations involve people wearing green outfits to public parades and festivals. In New Jersey, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday where college students usually go out with friends at night, order drinks and have […]

Grammys slack in diversity due to selection process

The debatable results of the 65th Grammy Awards have triggered conversations about how the winners are chosen. Social media has been flooded with concerns and opinions on the winners, nominees and the Recording Academy at large. Instead of the public voting for their favorite artists, a committee made up of […]