2019 NFL Draft met and exceeded expectations

Photo courtesy of Maize & Blue Nation, Wikipedia For many football fans, the 2019 NFL Draft lived up to the immense hype created in the weeks leading up to the event. While the first round featured a few expected moves, it also showcased some surprises that many fans and analysts […]

Russel Wilson receives new contract from Seahawks

Photo courtesy of Larry Maurer, Wikipedia  There was a great deal of talk regarding Russell Wilson and his future with the Seattle Seahawks this past week after several reports suggested that he could find himself in another uniform because of stalled contract negotiations. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Wilson and […]

Why are NFL GMs keeping jobs over head coaches

Photo courtesy of CJ Alexander, Flickr, The NFL is an ever-changing organization that seems to find a host of different storylines over the course of a season. This includes how the Patriots dynasty is still going strong, where certain players will fall in the NFL Draft and how the new-look […]

NFL free agents and new signings are leaked

Photo courtesy of Keith Allison, Wikipedia While the NFL has still posed themselves as a professional organization with strict rules, it seems as though some rules are still meant to be broken. That thought process would be in reference to the ridiculous roller coaster that has been free agency this […]

Alliance of American Football games offer intrigue

Photo courtesy of TeamWork Online, Wikipedia While the confetti rained down upon Tom Brady and Bill Belichick after the conclusion of Super Bowl 53, football fans soon realized that their dreams of relaxing on Sundays to watch football had come to an end for the next seven months.  Pitchers and […]