New Poppy album is equally fresh and intense

Photo courtesy fo Justin Higuchi, Flickr Goodbye, synthy bubblegum pop. Hello, eardrum-bursting guitar-screeching grunge. The genre-hopping Poppy is taking us on a tour of yet another version of herself in 2021’s “Flux.” “Flux” is the fourth studio album to be released by Poppy. The eclectic, seemingly shape-shifting musician got her […]

Met Gala full of LGBTQ+ celebrities and representation

Photo courtesy of Kai Pilger, Wiki Queer representation is at an all-time high in Hollywood. If big names aren’t coming out, new stars are showing up and making names for themselves. Queer stars of all ages, industries and experiences represented their communities at this year’s Met Gala. This year's theme […]

The case that put Aunt Becky behind bars has come to Netflix

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia   Directed by Chris Smith, known for his work on the documentaries “Tiger King” and “Fyre,” “Operation Varsity Blues” tells the sordid tale of the 2019 college admissions scandal primarily through reenactments. There are also interviews with everyone from co-conspirators to bystanders in the field of […]