Ramapo artists keep busy while social distancing

Photos courtesy of Pamela Martinez (top left), Jennifer Seitis (bottom left), Omiette Allison (top right) and Jennifer Holland (bottom right); Made with Pic Stitch The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the lives of people who work in arts and entertainment, an industry that is built on social gatherings and live […]

Ramapo launches new shuttle service for students

Photo courtesy of Office of Marketing & Communications, Ramapo College of New Jersey  On Jan. 21, Ramapo launched the Ramapo Roadrunner Express, a free shuttle service from its Mahwah campus to Paramus, linking students to NJ Transit bus links at the Garden State Plaza. In just over one month, the […]

Ramapo releases first-ever fight song during halftime

Photo courtesy of the Office of Marketing & Communications, Ramapo College of New Jersey Ramapo’s first-ever fight song was unveiled during halftime of the women’s and men’s basketball games in the Bradley Center on Feb. 5. The song’s composer, senior Christine Mausser, was acknowledged during the halftime of the games […]

Pinegrove revives their authentic sound in “Marigold”

Photo courtesy of Matt Home, Flickr The New Jersey-based rock band Pinegrove renewed their alternative country sound on their fourth album “Marigold,” thanks to warmer timbres and up-tempo ballads. “Marigold” sounds similar to Pinegrove’s past three albums, but the band’s murky guitar timbres were replaced with brighter, shimmering tones. Paired […]

ALMA’s translation clinic benefits those in Guatemala

Photo by Kim Bongard The Association of Latinos Moving Ahead (ALMA) held a translation clinic on Monday to help the non-profit group, Grupo Cajola, translate documents that contain educational information to send back to Cajola, Guatemala.  More than 20 students and faculty members volunteered to translate documents from English to […]

Activists reveal the impact of environmental racism

Photo by Kim Bongard 1STEP invited two speakers to the Alumni Lounges on Monday night to discuss how environmental racism has impacted the Ramapough Indians living in the Ramapo Mountains.  The discussion featured Dr. Chuck Stead, a Ramapo professor who recently wrote a book titled, “Get the Lead Out,” and […]

Ramapo hosts Founders’ Day to celebrate 50 years

Photo by Kim Bongard Students, faculty and trustees showed their school spirit at the Founders’ Day celebration that marked Ramapo’s 50th anniversary on Wednesday in the Grove. The annual celebration was complete with food, music, games and speeches from Student Government Association president Stephan Lally and President Mercer that reflected […]