SUVs and small cars dominate New York Auto Show

Photo by Kyle Ferlita Small cars and SUVs dominated the New York Auto Show this year. New offerings from Lincoln, Hyundai, Mazda and many others were unveiled as the auto industry shifts more towards crossovers. In the luxury car segment, the all-new 2020 Lincoln Corsair debuted featuring styling elements similar […]

The International Auto Show kicks off in New York City

Photo by Kyle Ferlita​ The New York International Auto Show is in full swing, being the last major auto show until fall. This show featured several high-volume models, including Toyota’s RAV4 SUV and their compact Corolla, Nissan’s Altima mid-size sedan and Subaru’s Forester SUV, to name a few. The Toyota RAV4 […]

Autonomous driving is the future, but not anytime soon

Icon courtesy of @Uber, Twitter Self-driving cars are the hottest trend in the auto industry. These new technologies have attracted the attention of a variety of different manufacturers, with all of them developing their own systems. These technologies are still very primitive and have room for error. Last week in […]

Teachers shouldn’t have to defend students with guns

Graphic courtesy of Dave Conner, Flickr There was nothing that compares to the presence that the victims had following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. Their constant appearances on television and their speeches that went viral across the Internet is unparalleled. Their message was clear: they […]

Companies shouldn’t have severed ties with the NRA

Photo courtesy of Spotter Johnsen, Wikipedia Brand image is everything: whether it’s Burger King marketing their flame-grilled burgers, or Cadillac marketing their cars as the perfect example of luxury, brands are constantly providing people with a reason to buy their products. In recent news, a variety of companies have been […]

America shouldn’t worry about what Trump tweets

Photo courtesy of Shealah Craighead, Wikipedia Donald Trump is no stranger to tweeting some of the most nonsensical statements ever seen by human eyes. Even with the increased character count on Twitter, he still tweets sentences that are so poorly written, they sound like something a second grader wrote in […]

Thanksgiving day should be enjoyed with loved ones

Photo courtesy of Aaron Hawkins, Flickr Black Friday has just passed and that means the holiday season is on the horizon. For some stores, however, the holiday season started Nov. 1. Walmart and 5Below were trimming their trees before the turkey was out of the oven. Other companies also like to […]

Congress needs to address gun control problem now

Graphic courtesy of Wikipedia With the latest mass shooting taking place in Sutherland Springs, Texas, it is important now more than ever to discuss the problem with domestic abusers owning firearms. As is the case with other mass shootings, the gun lobbyists are quick to express their sympathy and offer […]

People should be lax on what others wear for Halloween

Animation courtesy of Melissa Hillier, Flickr Cultural appropriation is the integration of a particular culture into another culture. This sociological concept typically gets brought up around this time of the year for the one holiday we all love: Halloween. Yes, it would appear that every holiday celebrated must come with […]

The #MeToo trend unites women against sexual assault

Photo courtesy of Tom Sorensen, Wikipedia During the peak of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, actress Alyssa Milano tweeted, “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.” This eventually turned into #MeToo, and it spread like wildfire across social media, accumulating 150,000 tweets […]