Author: Mehnaz Ladha

Donald Trump Should Not Have Immunity in Lawsuits

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Long before he was elected president of the United States, Donald Trump was drowning in lawsuits. Six months after the election and four months into his term, these legal skirmishes are becoming the highlight of Trump’s daily agenda and shifting the attention from issues that affect […]

President Appoints Inexperienced Daughter as Assistant

Photo courtesy of Michael Vadon, Wikipedia The signs were omnipresent throughout the campaign trail and in the early days of the new presidency. Photographed numerous times accompanying her father on meetings with business leaders and foreign representatives, Ivanka Trump’s role was left open to interpretation. Yet, the American public knew […]

EOF Creates New Initiative to Improve Retention Rate

Photo courtesy of EOF In response to declining retention rates, Ramapo College’s Educational Opportunity Fund, also known as EOF, is concentrating its efforts on programs that address the academic, financial and campus climate concerns that impact a student’s decisions to drop out of school. “These are first generation college students […]

Trump’s Wiretapping Claims Show he is Unfit to Lead

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr It’s been more than two months since the inauguration and President Donald Trump has most definitely created a name for himself by dominating headlines around the globe. His most recent claim to fame involves the wiretapping allegations against former President Barack Obama and his […]

Counseling Center Opens New Group to Discuss Masculinity

Photo by Giancarlo Sepulveda Continuously seeking ways to expand its services to cater to the needs of the Ramapo College community, the Center for Health and Counseling Services, CHCS, introduced the Men’s Group this spring semester. The Men’s Group is a confidential space organized by a trained psychologist to discuss […]

Introverts Unite Becomes First College Outlet of its Kind

Photo courtesy of TED 2012 Conference, Wikipedia The Center for Health and Counseling Services, also known as CHCS, expanded its programs this semester by introducing “Introverts Unite,” a unique group therapy geared towards introverts. “A group like this helps introverts be the best versions of themselves,” said Dr. Michael Alcee, […]

Interfaith Friendsgiving Brings Together Diverse People

Photo courtesy of Cecilia, Flickr The Jewish student organization Hillel and the Muslim Student Association, also known as MSA, worked to eliminate religious barriers at an interfaith dinner held on Nov. 21 called “Friendsgiving.” “We wanted to do something Thanksgiving-themed, since we thought gratitude was such an important concept, especially […]

ReligiousiTea Series Sparks Talk on a Higher Power

Photo by Hope Patti Launching the monthly ReligiousiTea series, the Office of Equity and Diversity, also known as OED, partnered with the Women’s Center to host an informal discussion on the concept of a higher power in religion. “You find in a variety of religions that there is some concept […]