YouTube is completely missing the point by hiding dislikes

Photo Courtesy of Christian Wiediger, Unsplash YouTube released a statement notifying users of the company’s decision to hide dislike counts from videos on Nov. 10. The new guideline comes after complaints surrounding online harassment were made by small creators who are more prone to “dislike mobs,” according to the Google-owned […]

People of all ages deserve their reproductive rights protected

Photo courtesy of Coalition, Unsplash. In this gubernatorial election cycle, Democratic candidate Gov. Phil Murphy and his Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli have had two debates, both of which focused on contentious state and federal issues. Salient amongst others, however, is the nominees’ takes on reproductive rights. The topic was nearly unavoidable […]

Mitski returns to music with new cut-throat single

Photo courtesy of David Lee, flickr. Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski abruptly broke her three-year hiatus with the single and music video for “Working for the Knife” on Oct. 5. The night before the drop she reactivated all social media accounts, returning to the music scene in full force. The 31-year-old musician graduated […]

Another anti-trans bill has been introduced in 10 states

Photo courtesy of Sharon McCutcheon, Unsplash An anti-trans bill has been proposed in the following states: Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas and South Dakota.  Trans youth are a vulnerable group and legislators have maintained focus on them by planning to ban doctors from treating those […]

Humble Narcissist’s music offers a unique sound

Photo by Natalie Tsur On Friday, Dec. 6, Brooklyn’s Caffeine Underground hosted an open mic night for local or starting artists. The space was more reminiscent of a refurbished living room, which allowed for a welcoming and comforting environment.  While the artists who performed were strong in delivering their style […]