Student Warns of Negative Effects As Drug Use Rises

Photo courtesy of Christian C, Wikipedia It is reasonable to assume that drug use will never impact you as long as you stray from participating in this kind of behavior, but that isn’t always the case. On Feb. 29, I lost a friend to a drug overdose — a demon […]

Showing Off Beards is a Form of ‘Male Peacocking’

Photo courtesy of Francesco Lodolo, Flickr After scrolling through my Instagram feed this past weekend, I noticed a follow request from a peculiar account: “BEARDEDBADBOYS_NEWJERSEY.” This Instagram page showcased images of grown men exhibiting their beards, as well as memes stressing the power of the beard, especially in regards to […]

Alpha Kappa Alpha Fundraises for Flint, Michigan

On Wednesday, the Rho Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. held a fundraiser in response to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. In 2014 Governor Rick Snyder and other Michigan officials in charge of budgeting in Flint decided to make cost-effective changes by switching the city’s water supply […]