‘Six’ will go down in history

“Divorced, beheaded, died, / Divorced, beheaded, survived” is one of the many jingles fans have had stuck in their head after watching the hit Broadway musical “Six.” I, along with a group of others from Ramapo, joined the ranks of these viewers after another Center for Student Involvement-sponsored trip on […]

Beastly fun abounds in ‘Rhinoceros’

In a peaceful village in France, something strange is afoot. One by one the inhabitants are transforming into destructive, unthinking wild animals. People are inexplicably turning into rhinoceroses!  The first main stage of the new year “Rhinoceros” started its seven-show run on Thursday, March 2, after a snowstorm delayed the […]

Tonewall gives political acapella performance

In partnership with the Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Services, the Berrie Center welcomed Tonewall, the queer a capella band from the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, on Dec. 1. Tonewall presented a performance titled “Standing Room Only,” which is not only a fun concert, but also a call to […]

‘Wednesday’ is kooky and spooky

Netflix’s new series, “Wednesday,” is a Tim Burton spin off of the creepy, kooky family we all know and love, “The Addams Family.” This show focuses on Wednesday, the deadpan daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams.  In this spin off, Jenna Ortega stars as the mysterious juvenile known as Wednesday […]

Fooligans involve audience in improv

Ramapo College’s very own student improv troupe, the Fooligans, hold two shows a month: one at 8 p.m. and another at 10 p.m. on the selected date. Each show features loose themes throughout the production, such as last year’s Five Nights at Freddy’s, Korn and Christmas. Their most recent show […]

“A Strange Loop” closes with honor

Exiting the Tony Awards triumphantly this past June with two wins and 11 nominations, including winning Best Musical, “A Strange Loop” had everything it needed to become the next Broadway hit. However, just last week, the show announced an early closing on Jan. 15, 2023. With book, music and lyrics […]