A Surprise “Blair Witch” Sequel is Spellbindingly Suspenseful

Photo courtesy of WalkerStalkerCon, Flickr Creative Commons Despite the deliberate mystery surrounding its development – up until its release, Adam Wingard’s latest film went by the purposefully vague title, “The Woods” – moviegoers should not have been surprised by the sudden arrival of “Blair Witch” in theaters. Contemporary Hollywood’s commitment […]

Good Times Roll in Linklater’s Newest Comedy

Photo Courtesy of LBJ Foundation, Wikipedia Despite his age – he turns 56 this year – Texan director Richard Linklater has not forgotten the spirit of his younger days: his latest endeavor, “Everybody Wants Some!!,” is a wonderful depiction of college life characterized by a joyous lust for life. Taking […]

NYC-based Actor and Veteran Channels Shakespeare

Photo by Giancarlo Sepulveda The words of William Shakespeare melded with modern performance art Monday night, as New York City-based actor and US Army veteran Stephan Wolfert performed “Cry Havoc.” Wolfert's one-man play chronicled the experiences of combat veterans before a large audience in the Berrie Center’s Sharp Theater. The […]

‘Hardcore Henry’ a Weak Attempt at Innovation

Photo Courtesy of Steffany Di╠üazwki, Wikipedia Filmed entirely from a first-person perspective, “Hardcore Henry” is a bizarre, bloodthirsty mess of an action-adventure movie, handicapped by uneven writing and a propensity to place style over substance of any kind. The Russian-American production follows the exploits of the eponymous Henry, an amnesiac cyborg […]

Creativity Runs Wild in Disney’s New Film, Zootopia

Photo courtesy of Eva Rinaldi, Wiki While reductive retellings of fairytale princesses and their boy problems are Disney’s most recognizable stock-in-trade, the monolithic corporation is built upon a collection of original characters – i.e., Mickey Mouse and his cohort of anthropomorphized animal friends. Disney returns to its talking-animal roots with its […]

Students Perform at Poetry and Spoken Word Event

Photo by Emily Filocco The College Programming Board made themselves busy in Friends Hall on Friday preparing for their Slam Poetry event. “I completely forgot about this bad mamma-jamma,” junior Chris Cortez said, lugging a speaker across the room. At the back of the hall, others were laying out refreshments […]