Playfest Produces 4 Comedies in 25 Hours

This weekend, the Alpha Psi Omega Theater Honor Society hosted the Fall 2014 24 Hour Playfest, which is held every semester. Participants are divided into groups consisting of a writer, director and actors. The teams had one day to create, write and put on their shows, which were held […]

Online Pokemon Phenomenon Takes Internet by Storm

Over the past two weeks, the Internet has been overtaken by the phenomena that is “Twitch Plays Pokémon.” Billed as a “social experiment,” for those unaware, TPP is a live stream of the Game Boy classic “Pokémon Red.” The twist is that instead of being played by one singular person, […]

SLIDESHOW: Student-Run Play Lives Up to Expectations

Last weekend, Ramapo’s Alpha Psi Omega (AYO) Theater Honor Society produced their student-run play, “Speech and Debate.” Stephen Karam, a professional playwright, wrote the show, but all other aspects of the production were entirely student driven. The show deals with three high school oddballs who form a speech and debate […]

SLIDESHOW: Audience Sets Sail with Mystifying Production

Last weekend was the opening for the theater program’s student production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” Greg Steinbruner, who previously directed “Birds” in 2010, directed the show. “The Tempest” centers around Prospero, a duke who was betrayed by his family. Because of his family’s disloyalty, he is exiled to a deserted […]

Star-Studded Cast Leaves Audience Breathless in Space Epic

quot;Life in space is impossible." "Gravity," which is director Alfonso Cuarón's first film since 2006's "Children of Men," set its tone in the first few seconds with these words. Gravity at its core is a simple story about survival in an inhospitable environment. The film opens with Dr. Ryan Stone […]

“BioShock” Sequel Explores New Territory for Video Games

When the original “BioShock” was released in 2007, it shook up the first-person shooter genre by being more than a game about shooting people. The game dealt with how our choices define what kind of person we are and it delved into complicated philosophical, religious and political themes not often […]

‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Takes Series in New Direction

Lara Croft has been one of gaming's most recognizable icons for nearly two decades now. However, with "Tomb Raider," developer Crystal Dynamics intends to reinvent the character completely. "Tomb Raider" is simultaneously a reboot and an origin story, one that preserves the core aspects of the franchise while not afraid […]