EPA proposes changes detrimental to environment

Graphic courtesy of Fry1989, Wikipedia The Environmental Protection Agency has taken another dig at the Obama Administration, recently announcing its decision to repeal emission restrictions on truck components. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt publicized his intent to repeal the rule in August after meeting with Fitzgerald Truck Sales, the largest trucking […]

Trump administration makes wrong move against ACA

Photo courtesy of U.S. Congress, Wikipedia President Trump and his administration took another step this past week to dismanle Obamacare, as the right to birth control became subject to an employer’s discretion. Congress approved a bill on Friday that granted employers the right to deny the coverage of contraceptives to […]

Saudi Arabia finally moves towards gender equality

Illustration courtesy of Carlis Latuff, Wikipedia After years of restriction and protest, Saudi Arabian women have finally gained the right to operate a motor vehicle. Last Tuesday, Saudi Arabian foreign ministry officials announced the royal decree on both television and Twitter that women would now be allowed to drive. During […]