Bait and switch tactics upset hiring process

With COVID-19 increasing the need for employers to use virtual interviews to hire people, there has been an increase in job candidates deceiving employers with a practice called “bait and switch.” This involves job candidates hiring someone to stand-in for them during virtual interviews to ensure they are hired. The […]

Trisha Paytas jumps onto wacky baby name trend

Within the past few years, baby names have become increasingly unusual. It is no shock when celebrities give their children odd names, but that desire for undeniable individuality has found itself trickling down into the public. Just this year, names like Teddy and Ziggy have made their way onto lists […]

Patagonia CEO passes reins to non-profit

For the last few decades, Earth and its climate have been steadily declining, awakening a movement for better care and awareness to keep the planet clean. Last week, that movement gained an unexpected but powerful ally. Yvon Chouinard, the longtime CEO of the clothing company Patagonia, announced on Sept. 14 […]

Lakewood Township minimizes homelessness crisis

Lakewood Township, located in Ocean County, New Jersey, made an executive decision to cut down trees to dissuade the homeless from gathering.  “[Homeless people] were harassing people, defecating between the cars, and residents were complaining,” Mayor Raymond Coles said, according to the New York Post. The town received numerous complaints […]

Monkeypox poses uncertain threat to campus life

Monkeypox has quickly become a concern after Americans started contracting the virus during the summer, following the first positive case in Boston, Mass. Since then, different colleges across the country have been monitoring the disease, as well as following the Centers for Disease Control Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines for management on […]

BeReal demands vulnerability from users

All summer long, teenagers have been participating in a phenomenon known as BeReal. The app, which launched in 2020, gained significant popularity during the last few months for promoting its users to be authentic online. According to Time, downloads “increased 86% month-over-month from June for a total of 7.8 million” […]

COVID variants present new concerns for college students

With school starting up again, conversations surrounding COVID-19 have increased, especially concerning the new vaccines and variants of the virus. As subvariants of the Omicron strain keep appearing, new vaccines are coming out to help combat the spread of these mutated strains. With these new variants, the symptoms of COVID […]