Author: Mehnaz Ladha

iPhone 7 May Mark the End of Headphone Jacks

Photo courtesy of Kãrlis Dambrãns, Wikipedia Moments after Apple released the specifications of the latest iPhone model, unveiled at its annual event earlier this month, news feeds on all types of platforms were buzzing over the company’s decision to remove the beloved headphone jack. As one of the first companies […]

The Dangers of Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Recently there has been many incidents with college students demanding their respective institutions supply warning for “offensive” material. For example, students at Columbia University want something known as a “trigger warning” applied to Greek Literature. These students say that the content of these classic stories are […]

Clinton’s Gender is the Reason for Health Criticism

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia In the midst of one of the country’s most divisive elections, superfluous topics from Donald Trump’s hair to Hillary Clinton’s diet are seeming to sway voter opinions much more than the issues at hand. In one of the most recent controversies involving the candidates, […]

Kaepernick’s Sit-out a Stand for Patriotism

Photo courtesy of FootballSchedule, Flickr As most of the country is now aware, a provocative and controversial movement has been taking place during NFL games recently. On Aug. 14, Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers made the radical decision to sit down as the United States national anthem played […]