Colombian artist revels Latinx Heritage Month at TNL

Coming off a strong year of free, live concerts, the College Programming Board (CPB) and Ramapo Music Club (RMC) returned with their first Tuesday Night Live (TNL) of the school year.  Three times a semester, the partnered organizations host a full-set concert in Friends Hall and bring in an up-and-coming […]

Djo matures in new album “DECIDE”

Coming back strong with his sophomore album “DECIDE,” Djo also known as Joe Keery, proves just how strong of an artist he really is by producing a heartfelt and stunning piece that symbolizes an end to his youth and what the next chapter of life will bring him. The album […]

“Do Revenge” does teen movies justice

Netflix is no stranger to teen movies, but many of their attempts have gained notoriety for the bad acting, stilted dialogue and cheesy storylines. With movies like “The Kissing Booth” in 2018, “Tall Girl” in 2019 and their ever-multiplying sequels, genuinely compelling Netflix teen movies seem to be few and […]


Whether or not you consider yourself a BLINK, BLACKPINK’s new album “BORNPINK” offers something for anyone in need of a boost of confidence. BLACKPINK is a K-pop girl group made up of four members: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé. Their debut was in 2016 and they only have a few […]

“Don’t Worry Darling” sags despite dramatics

Being at the forefront of Hollywood gossip since its announcement in late 2020, “Don’t Worry Darling” finally hit theaters on Friday, Sept. 26, and its attention has only grown – not necessarily for the better. The romantic thriller is actress and director Olivia Wilde’s sophomore film, following her successful 2019 […]

Kardashian frenzy amps up with second season

“The Kardashians” is back on Hulu, and it reveals all the Kardashian drama we have been waiting to see. The first episode of season two aired on Sept. 22, offering a much more detailed window into the chaos hinted at by social media drama. The season follows Kim Kardashian, Khloé […]

Meghan Markle unpacks stereotypes on her podcast

Are you interested in learning about the archetypes that impact those around you? Do you enjoy sympathizing with others over shared experiences? Look no further than Meghan Markle’s podcast “Archetypes.” Each episode, Markle invites a celebrity guest to interview and discuss the archetype or stereotype that has been assigned to […]

Rina Sawayama offers free therapy in new album

Japanese-British modern pop icon, Rina Sawayama, released her second studio album, “Hold the Girl,” on Friday, Sept. 16. Famous for her fresh take on the genre, Sawayama continues to revitalize pop with her incorporation of atypical instruments and cutting lyricism. Sawayama has opened up about the personal inspiration behind “Hold […]