Popular streaming services underpay musicians

Photo courtesy of Apple Music, Wikipedia. Streaming services have become an ingrained part of our culture, and for good reason. It’s very convenient to have so much content available to you for a low monthly rate. Music is no exception, as you can find most artists that you’re looking for on […]

Jack Harlow, AURORA and more release summer singles

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records. With summer albums soon approaching, artists are dropping single after single to build up hype. Some of this weeks’ singles had their own anticipation running high, and some were an unexpected but pleasant change in sound for the artists.    1. “First Class” by Jack Harlow […]

Spring weather means blending seasonal closets

Photo courtesy of Celine Panis-Pardo. Picture this: You wake up and it’s cloudy and 40 degrees outside, so you decide to throw on sweatpants, boots, a sweatshirt and jacket. You’re freezing when you sit down for your three-and-a-half-hour-class.  When you walk outside after your class ends, it’s in the high 60s […]

Orville Peck blends country music in emotional new album

Photo courtesy of Alfred Marroquin, Wikipedia. Self-described “outlaw country” artist Orville Peck released his complete second album, “Bronco,” on April 8. This album is the perfect successor to Peck’s 2019 album, “Pony,” which is comparatively hushed and reserved while “Bronco” is confident and upbeat. Peck is a Canadian artist who began […]