Column: NBA All-Star Weekend needs improvement

NBA All-Star Weekend has become a shell of its former self. This is an opinion becoming increasingly popular among NBA fans, evident by lessened interest on social media and relatively low ratings for the All-Star game itself. Each event could drastically be improved with changes both large and small to […]

Column: Hate for Berhalter harms USMNT fanbase

Gregg Berhalter’s tenure as the manager of the U.S. Men’s National Team (USMNT) has created far more devastating cultural effects than his coaching ever could. In the supposed golden age of U.S. soccer, fans have adopted painfully defeatist attitudes, which serve as a drain on any excitement surrounding the team. […]

Column: NHL unnecessarily bans pride tape

In June, the National Hockey League’s (NHL) board of governors banned the use of tape with LGBTQ+ pride designs to support its ban on themed uniforms. This ban has sparked a debate within the fanbase. The NHL is back in full swing with the season starting on Oct. 10. Players […]