Do Presidential Debates Actually Matter? That’s Debatable

Debates: they’re all we wait for during election season. When the time actually comes to sit down and watch them, you just sit and scream at the television, mostly at the candidate trying to smear the image of who you know you’ll be voting for.  So with that, what is […]

Listen or Dance to It All You Want, But Dubstep Is Not Music

Regardless of whether you like it or not, the unmistakable “wub-wub” can be heard almost everywhere. The dubstep genre is now a decade old and still gaining momentum, making it, in my mind the strongest musical influence on our generation. But I use the word “musical” loosely. Dubstep is as […]

Old Bridge Pathmark Shooting Tragedy Was Preventable

Over a month ago, a violent shooting in Old Bridge, New Jersey caught national attention as an ex-Marine opened fire inside of a Pathmark, killing two people and himself. A month later, this horrible tragedy is all but forgotten in the news, and it shouldn’t be. The shooter, Terence Tyler, […]

During Crisis Romney Fails to Show Leadership

Last Tuesday, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, Islamic militants killed the American ambassador and three staff members in Benghazi, Libya in a violent attack.  Naturally, President Obama addressed the nation with a statement about the attacks and how he plans to deal with them. While I expected Republican Presidential […]

A Growing Problem Right in America’s Backyard: Extremism

September 11th is a day that is synonymous with destruction, chaos and overall panic. America was under attack.  I don’t need to tell you how much has changed since 9/11. We are all aware of the impact that the attacks had on our national security, our global interests and our […]

Drop the Labels, Keep an Open Mind

What happened to the America we were taught to love and admire? What happened to the country that was founded on "liberty and justice for all?" Where has the equality and freedom gone that we used to value?   We live in a country today dominated by two political parties, […]