Government Shutdown is Not the Answer

It was announced at midnight on Oct. 1 that the government had been partially shut down due to Congress being unable to pass a budget. One of the main sticking points in the battle was over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare.” In this particular […]


Some days, I wish I had a 9-to-5 job. I wish that sources could only return my calls in the mornings, with plenty of time for a thorough interview before deadline strikes. I wish that I could prepare for each day in the office with a perfectly planned schedule and […]

COLUMN: Ramapo Commuters Don’t Measure up to Residents

As a high school junior, I was excited to visit college open houses, and Ramapo was first on my list. I fell in love with the campus, and since then the connections I've made have enriched my college experience thus far. Living only 20 minutes away, having recently received a […]

Miss America Winner Draws Negative Racial Controversy

The new Miss America, Nina Davuluri, is a young Indian-American woman aspiring to be a doctor. She is intelligent, beautiful, giving and talented. Nina is everything Miss America should be, plus more. She is making history by being the first Indian-American woman to win the Miss America Scholarship Pageant. She […]

iPhone Update Fails to Exceed Consumer Expectations

For nearly 100 days, iPhone users have been waiting for the new software update – iOS 7. While Apple has done their best to reinvent the design for users to utilize creative new features, the overall update lacks a structure that favors organization. Old content appears the same but packaged in […]

THE WEEKLY GRIND: Fall is Officially Here

I'd like to think autumn is a journalist's favorite time of year. It's not particularly my favorite (although I am partial to leather and scarves), but it's the season where my industry thrives. First, there is a plethora of exciting events to cover: fashion week, football season, television premieres and […]

Caution Should Drive Decision on Syria Military Action

In the past few weeks, all major news networks have been preoccupied with the mind-numbing question: Should the U.S. take military action against the Syrian government for their use of chemical warfare on their own civilians? Upon discovering that Syria has an arsenal of chemical weapons, President Obama was rather […]

Grown Up Miley Picks the Worst of Both Worlds

The term “role model” can be defined as a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, while the word “celebrity” may be defined as a famous or well-known person. Contrary to popular belief, “role model” and “celebrity” do not always go hand in hand, […]

THE WEEKLY GRIND: Shooting for the Stars

Happy September everyone! The Ramapo News is back and ready to go. Like always, we’re rededicating ourselves to another semester of bringing the Ramapo community all of the most important information. We’re recommitting to another busy semester of valuable reporting, breaking pertinent news, expanding our online impact and making a […]

Boston Massacre: Tragedy for All, Time to Grow for Us

Last week is hard to explain.  I’m not quite sure we will ever be able to really understand why what happened, happened. The irrationality of the two young men who planted bombs and subsequently killed three people (a fourth at MIT) and injured hundreds at last week’s Boston Marathon is […]